For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance; as ye know what manner of men we were among you for your sake.
1 Thessalonians 1:5

Testimonial | Ministry of Jesus

Healed from throat cancer.

Jesus touched my sonís Kidney and healed.

My daughter got twin babies even after doctors told that they are already aborted.

Lord Jesus gave us a child with fully developed Brain.

Lord Jesus touched the ears and gave me back the ability to hear.

Healed from Brain tumor.

I got my toes back even after the doctor prescribed to remove them all.

Healed from spinal chord disc slip.

Healed from Japan fever.

Healed from spinal chord infection.

Blessing of a child after 12 years of married life.

The dumb speaks by the power of Jesus.

Lord Jesus touched my Heart valve and healed.

I was struck down due to cancer. Doctors did their best for my healing. Finally I was discharged from hospital with no hope. Everyone forsook me. Due to terrible pain and with no mental peace, several times I thought of ending my life .
Flesh began to project in my side jaw and it was stinking. Due to terrible bad smell even my relatives forsook me. Worms began to develop from the flesh in the jaw. I was experiencing hell on the earth.
I was brought by my wife to the healing service conducted by Bro. RD Sunder Singh in Prayer Gardens.
During final prayer after the message Bro. RD Sunder Singh through the power of God reveled thus, "I see Lord Jesus Christís power is descending on a man afflicted by cancer. Let the cancer portion of flesh be fallen down in Jesus name"
Immediately, the flesh portion in my jaw, which was stinking and producing worms and bad smell fallen down literally. Right then I was healed of cancer. Today I am well and healthy and I live for Jesus.
Johnson, Chaikottukonam, Trivandrum

My daughter Nithosha, aged Eight was lying unconscious in IC unit of Sree Chithra Tirunal Hospital, Trivandrum for twenty-one full days. The doctors who treated her gave up the hope of her life. A staff from the same hospital introduced me to Bro. RD Sunder Singhís Ministry and how Godís power was working through him. I approached him for praying to JESUS CHRIST for my daughterís life.
Even now I am not able to believe! the moment Bro. RD Sunder Singh cried unto God for the life of my daughter, life came into the little girl who was lying unconscious for the past twenty one days and within a couple of days we returned home with new life praising Jesus Christ.
But due to prolonged illness, she lost life in her tongue and could not speak for a spell of nearly six months. So I made a convent to God that a three-day crusade would be conducted using Bro. R.D Sunder Singh in my home town and I requested him to pray for my daughter. The day on which Brother prayed my daughter began to speak again. Praise Jesus.
M Ponraj, Saratha Nagar, Nagercoil - 629003